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Ultimate Crafts Die cut’N Bond Double-Sided Tape 4.72″X82′ Bond is a wide roll of double-sided adhesive tape. It’s paper thin and easy to use. Apply to paper or cardstock before die- cutting a shape. Once cut, peel off protective backing and place shape on a project where desired. Great for adhering intricate dies. This package contains 82 feet of 4.75 inch wide double-sided tape. Acid free. Imported. Paper thin adhesive sheet perfect for creating flexible and beautiful embellishments when used along with your favourite cutting dies. When applied to your cardstock or paper ahead of die cutting, Die cut’n Bond places a layer of adhesive on to your intricate die cut shapes. (Similar to jac paper) Specially formulated for intricate die cutting and electronic cutting machine applications. Instructions: Cut a piece of Die cut’n Bond to your desired size Apply Die cut’n Bond to the reverse side of the material you wish to cut. Die cut your shape as directed by the instructions on your die cutting machine. Once you have removed your die cut shape from the die, simply remove the protective layer from the back and BOND it!

Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 6 in




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