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It’s so shiny you can practically see your future projects in its reflection! The Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate is the wonder tool you’ve been searching for to get the cleanest, most precise cuts in a variety of materials! Contents: One Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate Size: Base Plate measures 10″ x 6.125″ x 0.125″ If you’ve ever been frustrated that your beautiful, elegant, intricate Thinlits are taking absolutely forever to clean of excess paper bits and pieces, then you need the Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate. This shiny, tough tool is just what you’ve been looking for to make your life easier! Get precise cuts every single time, and with just one single pass through your machine! Your BIGkick, Big Shot, or Vagabond machine (sold separately) will thank you! What materials can your Chrome Precision Base Plate cut? Paper Cardstock Burlap Craft plastic Craft metal Fabric Craft aluminum Canvas Lightweight suede Lambskin Thin cork How to use the Chrome Precision Base Plate: The Chrome Base Plate is a replacement for your standard multi-purpose platform. Unlike the standard multi-purpose platform you’re probably used to using, the Chrome Base Plate’s instruction diagrams actually go face-down on the machine with the shiny chrome surface facing up. The next layer is going to be your material, not a cutting pad. Your Thinlit dies are also going to be placed with the cutting side facing your material and the Chrome Base Plate without a cutting pad beneath it (crazy, right?) A cutting pad over the Thinlit on top completes your sandwich and readies you for your pass through the machine Your Chrome Base Plate is so strong that it can last thousands of passes through your die cutting machine with the blade side down without getting a single mark, scratch, or dent!



Weight 800 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 11 × 1 in


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