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Can’t find the roll of tape on your desk? The Stacker is the answer! It’s like having a helping hand! A perfect way to store and use Scor-Tape so your rolls can always be found Stack multiple widths of tape rolls and works on all brands that have a 3″ (75mm) core Holds any spools with a 3″ core like foam tape Solid base with non-skid pads prevents scratches Multi-purpose organizer to keep your work surface clear Fairly heavy, so stays put on your work table Very easy to fill. Aquarium gravel, small pebbles, ball bearings or sand can be used. Liquids cannot be used Central storage compartment is perfect for storing your most used tools such as a pencil/pan, small fussy cut scissors, bone folder, ruler etc. Total Height: 4 7/8″ Column Size: 4 1/4″ Core Size: 3″ diameter
Weight 600 g
Dimensions 6 × 7.75 × 7.75 in




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